Towns and Communities

Five Skilled Gentlemen understands that each town and community has its own set of needs and requirements. We work closely with all of our clients, through each of the four stages of development, to insure that all of these needs are met and satisfied. From developing printed material and bulk mailings to online advertising and e-commerce, our staff is skilled and pleasant to work with.

Stages of Web Development

Typically, web development is broken down into four stages. Each stage is vital to the success of the project.

Stage One: Research

We will help you gather and organize the information that is most important to your readers and residents. We will help find and organize photographs, business listings, and other city information. We will help you gather information from schools, the DPW, the Chamber of Commerce, the Police Department, local theatres, churches and synagogues, and other organizations in town that will provide content for the site.

Stage Two: Design

We will work closely with you to design an attractive site that shows off your town. We typically go through three to five rounds of design before we find a look and feel that meets the needs of your community.

Stage Three: Development

During the development stage of the project our designers pass the work over to the programmers and content developers. The site is coded and content is added based on our work in the research stage. Forms are created, e-mail is set up, and a working prototype is put online in a testing area to insure quality as we continue with the project. The site is developed and tested with user feedback, and all of the final elements are added.

Stage Four: Maintenance

Five Skilled Gentlemen will help you organize a system of information flow to insure that all aspects of the site are kept up to date. We will build a content management system that allows someone with basic secretarial skills to update parts of the site. We will also continue to work with you over the years adding pages, updating information, and evaluating the success of your web site.

Community Web Development Philosophy

In order for a town site to be successful it must meet two important goals.

One: The site must provide citizens with up-to-date information about the community they live in. This information must be easy to access, accurate, and well organized. The information must be current so that citizens return to the site on a regular basis. Some of the current information that should be on the site includes local news, weather, stock prices, movie listings etc.

Two: The site must benefit the businesses in the community. Every interested business in town should be listed with at least a telephone number and address. Restaurants should have the ability to post menus and stores to offer coupons. Advertising, while kept at a minimum, should focus on local businesses that support the community.